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The young filmmaker's competition for Sikh Youth is designed to encourage and inspire our youth to get involved in media and film and use their creativity to produce interesting and educational pieces designed to spread the spirit of Sikhi. Most people in the world don't know who Sikhs are or what we are all about, so we conceived this event to publicize the experience of Sikhi and Sikh identity and give people insight into our spirit, values and culture.

Our hope is that this educational and fun event will allow people to get involved in the world of film and media and continue to use it for the benefit of the Sikh community.

We are looking for videos that come out of the entrants' own personal experiences and that move and inspire the viewer. We will be offering cash prizes to help motivate contestants to put their time and effort into creating something of value. We've created a new Senior Division, so that older "kids" can enter as well. No cash prizes for filmmakers over 25, but we love you anyway and the winners in every division we have their work shown on and publicised by SikhNet.
Ok, so you have heard about the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival but don’t know how or what to do for a video? Hopefully after watching the above video you get some motivation and encouragement to take the challenge and make a video! Summer is here and the deadline for video submissions is Aug 31st, so don't wait till the last minute. Start your video today!
This year the Film Festival is open to all ages

Cash Prizes!

Junior Division (11-17 years old)
First prize $500 / Second $250 / Third $125

Intermediate Division (18-25 years old)
First prize $1000 / Second $500 / Third $250
(Amounts in US Dollars)

(new) Senior Division (26 - 126 years old)
(no cash prize - but your film will get exposure on SikhNet)

We invite Sikh Youth all over the world to participate. Do you have access to a computer... and and some type of camera? Well now's the time! Make a video and submit it. You do not need to have had any prior experience in filmmaking. It's like a "Sikh essay contest" but you will use multimedia to convey your message. It's a great summer project and a chance to do something different and learn something new. Learn more and get help getting started.

What you Need to Get Started

If you are planning to create a video for the film festival let us know by subscribing to the SikhNet Youth Film Festival Email list using the below form. We will use this to keep you informed about the event.

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SikhNet Youth Film Festival Rules:
  • The video submission deadline is August 31, 2007.
  • Your film should be related to some aspect of what it means to be a Sikh in today's day and age. (Ideas for videos).
  • Suggested length of your film is between 3-8 minutes. Maximum allowable length is 25 Minutes.
  • In order to be qualified for the cash prize divisions, the director of the video must be 25 years of age or younger at the time of production.
  • The project must be the creative work of the contestant. In order to ensure a fair competition, recording and editing should be done by contestant or other qualifying youth and not by another professional. You can get advice from others but the work must be done by the youth involved.
  • People of any age may act and be recorded in the video.
  • Winners will be announced in September and featured on
Read Full Rules and Regulations

What you Need to Get Started

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