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Sikh Photos and The Golden Temple Screen Saver - Beautiful and unique pictures of the Golden temple (Harimandir Sahib, Amritsar, INDIA) and various Sikh Art by the Artists.
Art by Various Artists. Screensaver compiled and built by
Added: 12/13/2007
56 MB
Khanda Screen Saver - A collection or Khanda art by many different artists who have sent SikhNet their work.
Art by Various Artists. Screensaver compiled and built by
8.43 MB
Sikh Art 1999 - The 1999 Sikh Dharma Art Exhibit. This Screen Saver Features The Art Of the Western Sikhs & Commemorates The 300th Year Baisakhi Celebration at Anandpur Sahib.
Art created by many different talented artists. Each picture is labeled with the title and the author. A special thanks to all the artists who have provided images of art produced over the last 30 years by Sikhs of the Western Hemisphere.
7.32 MB
The Sikh Gurus Screen Saver- Here is the ultimate collection of beautiful paintings of the Sikh Gurus. The art work is by a wide variety of artists with many different aspects and styles.
Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa
3.98 MB
The Sikh People & Culture Screen Saver. A collection of pictures of Gurdwaras, Sikh people and various aspects of the Sikh way of life.
Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa
3.90 MB
Bhaisakhi Screen Saver 1.5
Here is a collection of artwork and pictures by various authors which were created or are related to Bhaisakhi. Now including some pictures from the Baisakhi celebrations in Anandpur Sahib.
Program by Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa using artwork from the following people: Manik Preet S. Nagra, Harjot Singh, G.S.Saini, Yashpaul S. Dogra, Ravi Tej S. Khalsa, Supinder Singh Babra, Smiling K. Khalsa, Sewa S. Khalsa
4.83 MB
A nice Sikhism screen saver with various pictures animated pictures and sounds.
1.29 MB
The Khanda Screen Saver 1.1 - Watch a single 3D kanda fly and rotate on your windows desktop.
2.20 MB
The Khanda Screen Saver - Baisakhi Edition - Also a single rotating 3D kanda with a different style than the above program ....with the words "Vaisakhi 300 Years" overlayed.
2.50 MB
Flying Khandas 1.0 - Watch colorful Khandas fly across your screen.
283 KB
Sikhism Q&A Program - (Version 1999) has been developed to have an assessment of how close you are to the principles of Sikh religion founded by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
Dr. Sarbjit Singh
[email protected]
60 KB

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