Indian Classical Music And Sikh Kirtan
by Gobind Singh Mansukhani (M.A., LL.B, Ph.D.) 1982
Sikh KirtanIn the first part of this work, Dr. Mansukhani has dealt with the origin and history of Indian classical music. He has explained the fundamentals of the system and analyzed competently the different aspects of major Ragas and Talas of Hindustani music. Though he does not minimize the value of instrumental music, he affirms that vocal music holds an important place in India and as such voice training and modulation must get proper attention.

The second part of the book is devoted to a critical study of Kirtan -- a traditional form recognized by the Indian Sangeet Natak Academy. Kirtan is a special esthetic form which blends the excellence of poetry with high melody. The Bhakti poets helped in evolution of Kirtan. The Sikh Kirtan is a notable contribution of the 10 Gurus.

Though Sikh Kirtan may not be called a separate school of Indian music, it is generally accepted as a distinct tradition by musicologists. The Gurus enriched devotional music both in classical and folk styles. Their Shabads combined the beauty and significance of inspirational poetry with melodic excellence. They produce a feeling of the super conscious and link human consciousness with the supreme reality.

The author examines the different styles of Sikh Kirtan in the special features of the Ragas used in the Sikh scripture. For the first time the, the notation of 31 Ragas of Guru Granth Sahib has been supplied with necessary particulars. The book is a work of research on an important musical tradition and deserves a place on the shelves of public and private libraries.
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Hide details for ForewordForeword
Foreword by (Prof.) Raghava R. Menon
Hide details for PrefacePreface
Preface - by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji
Hide details for IntroductionIntroduction
Introduction by Gobind Singh Mansukhani
Hide details for About the AuthorAbout the Author
About the Author: Gobind Singh Mansukhani
Hide details for PART I: Indian MusicPART I: Indian Music
Hide details for Chapter 1: Origins and HistoryChapter 1: Origins and History
Origin and History
Vedic Period (2500 B. C. to A. D. 200)
Classical Period (A. D. 100-1200)
Medieval Period (A.D. 1200-1800)
Modern Period (1800 onwards)
Hide details for Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Indian MusicChapter 2: Fundamentals of Indian Music
Fundamentals of Indian Music
Nad (Sound)
Rasa (Emotion)
Timing of Ragas
Indian Music versus Western Music
School of Music
Hide details for Chapter 3: Foundations of Melody (Raga)Chapter 3: Foundations of Melody (Raga)
Foundations of Melody (Raga)
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