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Summary of Question:How To Crate Positive Relationships With People In Your Life
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 7/18/2008 12:34 AM MDT

Waheguru Ji ki Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki fateh,

Lately, i have been really confused about past karma and pre-ordained destiny. I know that our karma determines our present life, But what about certain things that happen to us, are they apart of our pre-ordained destiny. So i have become a very spirtiual person and am learning to become a good person, and i do understand the big picture of life of ultimately being one with god, and not being attached to maya and so forth. However for a few years now i have come across the same problems that have not been solved, because they mainly deal with my past that i need to overcome. And my main problem that i have is with people that dont share the same thinking with as I do

But heres the real kicker, I am not the typical traditional Sikh girl, and do not come from a religous family, and do live a privileged life and am quite average looking. But am quite shy and reserved, but am also confident and comfortable in my own skin. However, anyone that i meet especially at school or at work are not so nice to me, eventhough i am an easy person to get along with and i am very nice to people even those that are rude and mean to me. Poeple especially at work still gossip about me, make sarcastic remarks towards me, and are fake towards me. I continue to be the bigger person and remain the mature one,I once even told my co-worker that another girl taht we worked with was taking her own insecurities out on me, and after i had said that, things got worse, and everyone was giving me mean loks and were making more sarcastic remakrs towards me. I have had enough and i dont know what to do, im tired of people that are caddy, have big egos, are insecure, and are rude. I literally feel like im in the twlight zone!

So my question is: How do i see god in everyone, even those that are mean to me, and how do i sprak some sense in them to understand who I am, i know i cant change people, but how do i show them what i see in life.
My other question: Is the reason why i have problems with people is because of my karma, and does god have something else planneed for me in wanting me to become more spiritual? Is this all apart of my Pre-ordained destiny?
Please can you give me some advice, Thank you for your time


Sat Nam,

Spiritual path in life is not about Karma it is about Dharma. You create a new life for yourself by being spiritual. You should never do anything in life just because you are afraid of some consequences and you should not try to be “good” for what ever that means just because you are worried that people are mean to you.

What I am realizing from your comments is that you are actually dealing with something else that is kind of invisible to you. Something in your auric field got disturbed, perhaps you got hurt pretty bad a while back or it was some continuous trauma that produced this weird effect in you which is making people around you treat you bad. In other words your field got somewhat contaminated with some unpleasant energy and regular people can not see through it to really see you for who you are.

There is a simple meditation you have to do for that to make sure that your auric field gets balanced and people will stop reacting to you negatively. It will put your mind at peace, and even if the people don’t stop their negativity it will at least stop bothering you.

There is a meditation you should do.
And here it is:

The best thing before any meditation is to tune in to the proper vibration by chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo three times with your hands in prayer pose thumbs pressed gently into your sternum. Sitting cross legged with eyes closed rolled up to the third eye, your center of intuition.

After you tune in here is how you find the proper placement for your hands in order to do the meditation. Let’s see if I can explain it correctly in this e-mail.
While still holding your hands in the prayer pose next to your body point your finger tips out to the horizon still keeping your wrists touching your body. Sit in that posture for a minute with eyes closed and observe the change in you. It automatically puts you into a meditative state.

Now spread the bottoms of your palms out 1 to 2 inches to create some empty space between the palms and fingers. Make sure the fingertips are still touching firmly and your wrists are still at your body. Disconnect the tips of the thumbs and place the right thumb on top of the left in a kind of flat cross.

Now switch your eye focus to the tip of your nose with eyes open just one tenth of the way.

The mantra you will be chanting is:
Ad Sach, Jugad Sach, Habee Sach, Nanaka Hosee Bee Such.

Make sure to pronounce sound “ch” very firmly, feeling the sound in your upper pallet in all the Such words.

Try doing the mantra five times on the same breath.
Keep doing it for 11 minutes for 40 to 120 days.
If it is hard to start right away with 11 minutes start with 1 or 3 and gradually build it up over the weeks.

Meditation has a very noticeable and powerful effect on your being. Even if you don’t feel it right away as the days pass you will start recognizing the difference.
Another good meditation to fix all your relationships and clear negative energy between you and other people is by sitting the same way and chanting the healing mantra :
RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG over an over…. Make a little pause without taking a new breath after the first SA.

The mudra for this meditation is making an empty triangle by connecting the tips of your index fingers and thumbs in front of your face. Note that triangle should be empty, you should be able to see through it into the distance without seeing the other fingers which you will hold away from you in a fist. you will only see the triangle and the back of your hands
You can chose to either look out into the distance through your triangle or focus your eyes on the tip of the nose.

Do it for another 11 minutes for at least 40 days minimum.
It would be good to do the two meditations together every day.

This will be a very good Sadhana or daily spiritual practice for your situation.
You may also be able to find appropriate CDs with those matras on or google Ancient Healing Ways and see what they have to offer.
It is so much easier and much more pleasant to mediate if you have your music on. It will help you keep the rhythm and maintain your energy levels.

Good Luck,


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