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Summary of Question:In Response To Eating Meat
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Friday, 11/06/2009 5:27 PM MST

This is in response to my brother who states that when Guru Gobind Singh Ji and his men spent so much time in the jungles, they could not survive without eating meat.

Are we even close to being like Guru Gobind Singh Ji or his men?

Guru Sahib sacrificed his whole family and his whole life for his faith. Can we compare ourselves to him?

We are not even the dust on his feet.

We cannot pretend to be like Guru Sahib and his men. We are not them. Who are we to question what Guru Sahib ate or did not eat?

Also, we must not forget that if Guru Sahib took life, he also had the ability to give life. He can do whatever he chooses.

Thank you,
I also wanted to add that we should not forget that we all have the potential to be as great as our Gurus. Of course they are so far ahead of us spiritually leading the way but we are all made out of the same thing. We are all made in God. Just because we are not there yet does not mean we should not thrive to be the best we can. If sometimes our best, due to the circumstances is to eat meat then we should forgive ourselves for it. It is doing the best we can with least compromise that matters the most.
There are so many other aspects of Sikh spiritual technology that are important and are worth while, most of us may not be able to be that perfect to fulfill all of them at all times, but certainly try and that is what makes life so interesting and full of new learning experiences until the day we die ...and beyond :o)...


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In Response To Eating Meat (11/06/2009)
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