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Summary of Question:Does He Sound Decent To You At All?
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/05/2010 4:10 AM MDT

Would you consider a guy decent if he is a baptised sikh and talks about going all the way with a girl (who he's talking to) and is actually willing to go all the way with her, BUT doesn't say anything about getting married to her or doesn't yet know if he wants to marry her even.

Would you consider this man a decent Sikh man or does he fall more on the dodgy 'best to stay away' kinda guy?

Currently I am speaking to a guy and written above is my situation. I like him a lot, do have feelings but do I give in to him and give him myself like that or do I tell him nothing like that is on unless we are heading towards marriage??

Please advise me...
God Bless!

Sat Nam,
I think you already know the answer to this question. The answer only lies in the question: are you that type of a girl who would go all the way with a guy who is not serious, who does not want to protect you and support you in this life ??
Regardless of what the answer is you already know what to do.


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Does He Sound Decent To You At All? (05/05/2010)
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