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Summary of Question:Was Guru Gobhing Singh Ji a hypocrite?
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Saturday, 1/15/2000 6:52 PM MST

I just wanted to ask this question. Was Guru Gobhind Singh Ji a hypocrite? My parents and grand parents don't have an answer for me. I ask this because he said that adultry is wrong but he had two wives. There is no way you can justify that so give me an answer. I am a gursikh and I have found myself wondering many times if I should follow the rules Guru Ji set for us because obviously he didn't do it himself. Please answer this on the web. Don't put aside my question like everyone else has.



Dear Preeti Ji,

Guru Gobind Singh Ji may have had multiple marriages but according to History he made a condition with each wife after his first one. The conditions included that they not share the matrimonial bed. They were asked to serve the Khalsa and the Mission. Guruji had children of only one of his wives. He was not a hypocrite, adultry is wrong and it is something that he never did. If you want to know the truth go ahead and read the history of it. There are many books out there about the lives of the Guru's. Thank you for the question. I hope that this answer is going to make you feel more at ease about the problem.


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