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Summary of Question:Re: Discussion Postings to the Youth Forum (Please Read)
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/30/1999 9:05 PM MDT
Moderator's Note:
At this moment it is appropriate to clarify and re-state the purpose and intended (active) audience for the Sikhnet Youth Forum. Recently, there has been an increasing number of <Discussion type> responses to previous questions and issues. Many of these have been very positive and informative. Some have been offered by respondents who seem to be mature adults, rather than youth. Some adults have offered strong support for the purpose and performance of the Youth Forum and its moderators. Please realize that we deeply appreciate the fact that many adults read and follow the Youth Forum regularly. Certainly they can do a very valuable service to young people they know, by recommending and directing those young people they know to discover the Sikhnet Youth Forum and its services to youth.

A number of discussion type responses (particularly to the issues of hair, facial hair with regard to women, and turbans as worn by women) have been offered by young people who are themselves in the throes of dealing with those issues. Although this is not properly a <Discussion Forum> the moderators felt that posting them verbatim was a valid way of youth encouraging youth to reflect on these issues.

Over time, we have also received a number of discussions by young people that are somewhat argumentative. And, we have received informative statements from adults which have tended to echo answers already provided by the designated moderators. This post is offered to clarify that the Sikhnet Youth Forum is intended for input by young people (and the moderators who are responding to their questions), and the Sikhnet Youth Forum is not a discussion forum.

Again, we have appreciated your insights, support and corrections. They are read and valued by the moderators. This may help to clarify why those responses are not usually posted to the Sikhnet Youth Forum.

Thank you,
Krishna Singh Khalsa
A Sikhnet Youth Forum Moderator

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