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Summary of Question:Faith
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 7/21/1999 12:36 PM MDT

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa

Waheguru ji ki Fateh

I have lost all hope in life. Basically, i'm in search of faith. Faith in myself and faith in general. Im 18 years old, however, the teachings of the Gurus have really appealed to my heart. My question is at what point does one become sikh? I am certainly not in a situation that i can go out and take amrit so does that mean i am still sikh? Also, how exactly does the relationship between the Guru and myself work? Someone once told me its a mystical bond and that the Guru has always been with me, especially since i have come this far. Once again, i have wrecked my life beyond repair but all i have now is sikhi. Is my faith in the Guru and Waheguru legitamate?

Bhaikunt Vraitch

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru ji ki FAteh


What is it, that could make you feel so bad about yourself? Giving any kind of energy to thoughts that bring you low in life is what helps that same feeling of hopelessness develop. Every person must learn to have compassion for themselves. You must learn this also. Please understand that this is not an opinion, this is a simple fact of life. There is no situation no incident that should leave any person in a feeling of hopelessness, there is a solution to everything. What you need to decide is how or what it is that will give you purpose. Every person on this planet has a unique and individual way of looking at life, understanding your own perspectives is the first step .What is it that you want out of life? You are a Sikh, a Sikh is a seeker of the Truth. You are always a Sikh as it is the Human condition for every Man/ Woman to need to know the truth. Please understsand one thing, Spirituality and Truth go hand in hand. It is not a prerequisite to be an Amrit Dhari in order to live a life of spirituality. Being an Amrit Dhari means you have dedicated yourself to a path that leads you in the same direction through a discipline. Remember that everything is a part of everything. It is a scientific fact ( as we are a just matter) You were never seperate from the Guru or God. You will always be a part of God and Guru and this is another simple truth. Some of us forget this and some of us remember this. So the faith that you would have in yourself or in anything else should rerflect a trust in that bond. Treat yourself with respect and compassion and Kindness and pretty soon you will find yourself feeling it towards yourself and in everything else you do. Stop being so heavy with yourself today, just practice it . And , if things seem to be getting out of control then it is within your power and it is your responsiblity to get help. I hope that this may help you, and give you hope, as hope is one thing we can never do without. And you are far too young and life has so much to offer for you not to believe it.

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