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Summary of Question:Things Aren't Really Going My Way.
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Sunday, 11/01/2009 11:33 AM MST

Things lately haven't really been going my way. Whenever I am hopeful something positive will come of something it just comes crashing down. I have prayed a few times asking God for guidance and of if there is a lesson he is trying to teach me. I am unsure of what is going on?

I feel that God is trying to teach me to appreciate life and be grateful for the things I have. But sometimes i feel as though my life is lacking something even if I have no problems at all. I have prayed many times to God to give me guidance.

Also I pray to God every night but yet I am not sure if I am a true Sikh. I have been Sikh from birth and my hair is not cut, but I am unsure on if maybe my prays are unanswered sometimes for a reason. I only wear like 1-2 of the 5 k's and I understand little Punjabi, rarely go to the Gurdwara and do not recite scripts of the Guru Grant Sahib. Will God still be there for me?

By the way I am 13.
Thank You.


Sat Nam Dear,

God is always there, he never goes anywhere. Even if you don't pray or talk to him/her at all. There is nothing to worry about.

Things rarely go our way in this life we just learn to deal with it the best we can and set strong projections for what we want to help manifest things.

It sounds to me that you need to find a creative outlet in your life. Take up a project or learn something that will help you open up your creative potential. Do you paint? Sing? Write? Do Sports? ....

Any Art that is refined brings you closer to God. Any project that you can undertake to better yourself will help you blossom and will give sense of purpose in your life.


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Things Aren't Really Going My Way. (11/01/2009)
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