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Summary of Question:Being Amritdari
Date Posted:Thursday, 7/08/1999 10:38 AM MDT

There is alot of emphasis on how men feel about cutting/not cutting their beard's but I would like to know how men feel about women who do not cut hair on any part of their body (e.g chaving legs), personally I think that men with beards are just as attractive as those without. And it's an individual choice. But Its a man's view I am thinking of. I hope to take amrit when I go to India in a few weeks, and this comes to my mind sometimes. I know that a lot of girls do think of this but don't want to speak out, or ask, it's kind of awkward. I would appreciate as many views from moderators and responces from men please.

slightly worried!
You ask a tough and slighltly controversial question. Personally, I agree with you that both men and women are alike when it comes to keeping the hair and I think women doing their eyebrows is equivalent to men trimming their beards. There is a delicate balance that needs to be gracefully maintained between your self-esteem and value-system - one that is a DISTINGUISHING FEATURE a true Sikh of the Guru. Through the powers of prayer and projection, one can attain this state where preservation of the value-system provides the self-esteem and attracts like-minded people. So there is no need to worry. The Guru will provide, prevail and help you prosper.

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Being Amritdari (07/08/1999)
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