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Summary of Question:Re: my bad days with hair
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/20/1999 10:25 AM MDT
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
Reading your post makes me realize that you are trying to prove to those who would never be happy with your personality,we are Gursikh and being a Singh behind our names states,"Tiger Roars Surrender Is Not In My Blood".We have inherited the wisdom of our Guru's,don't let or be in a company of those who subdue your personality they can never never be your friends,because as far as they are concern they would still find you inadequate even if you become cleanshaven,turban is the crown bestowed on those fortunate who abide to live to the principals of Guru's.You would never be able to please everyone,if you please the Guru the whole world will follow you.
I remember when I moved to this country I felt the same but then I realize the problem is not with them but with me,so people started appreciating my wisdom and value my judgement,remember argument for the sake of argument is often misleading,appeasing some girls is not at all important than appealing your Guru.Jai tu mera hoi rahi saib jaig tera hoi,Once you become mine everything mine will be yours.
At last as a big brother to you,don't even think about pleasing every individual,prize your personality because if some one likes you,they would appreciate your every thing,but if they don't they would always have flaws in there words and would work as a pungent needles to your brilliant outstanding personality because you let them do it.Rest Guru may guide you and look for the asylum in the pious lotus feets of my Guru,in turn he will bless you with confidence,zeal and whole lot more.
In victory to my Guru.
Guru Ka beta,
Rupinder Singh Bedi.

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