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Summary of Question:Re: how do sikhs believe the world was created?
Date Posted:Friday, 10/15/1999 9:39 AM MDT
Dear Gurpreet,
Like yourself I am also seeking to know.I will share with you what we have read
and understood from our SGGS.I read the english version , as my gurmukhi was limited.However,over time i guess one gets to understand afterall.
If you read gurmukhi,turn to page 19 of the SGGS you will be thrilled to know how the creator created the universe.For your benefit I will write down in romanised language
sache tay pawana paaya,paawanay tay jal hoaya,jal tay terbhavan sajaya,ghat ghat jot samaye
From the true lord came air and from air came water;from water he created the 3 worlds and infused in every heart his own light.
I will post an article later on creation.

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Re: how do sikhs believe the world was created? (10/15/1999)
how do sikhs believe the world was created? (07/15/1999)
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