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Summary of Question:turban
Date Posted:Friday, 9/15/2000 1:32 AM MDT

Satnam. Do you think that it is hyocritical for a female to wear a turban before she takes Amrit? Thank you

You were created by God just as a male child has been created by God. The boy is expected to wear a turban why not you? Why should you have to wait to put on the crown of consciousness that a boy wears from the youngest age?

Do not feel shy about this. If the turban was just a cultural habit, then turbans would have gone out of style a long time ago. Perhaps the people in your community lack the understanding of the turban.

The covering on the head is the crown of consciousness that keeps your awareness high. Turban is not a joke. There are 26 parts of the brain. You tie your hair up and put your turban on it. It pulls all patys of your brain together and keeps you adjusted and clear.

Go ahead, put it on and wear it with dignity and grace. You deserve this whether you have taken amrit or not. Turban is to help you on your path of life.

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turban (09/15/2000)
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