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Summary of Question:World History Text Books In Us/ Sikhs
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 10/01/1999 7:46 AM MDT


I fully agree with you. We need to lobby the relevant leaders with clout to make this change in the curriculum.


I was surprised to find that the world history text books of my sixth and ninth grader in New york public schools do not even mention the word 'sikh'. It seems as if Sikhs never existed.These books do mention about origin of Hinduism and Buddhism and past and history of India under Moghul rule. How will our children feel when they read these books, left out, outcast?. I am wondering that noboby has earlier noticed this or just ignored it.This year we are celebrating 300th anniversary of Khalsa forgetting that we don't exist in the world history. This is very upsetting and serious for future of our children because people will never learn about us this way. Now it is pretty clear why sikh children are mocked as hindus in schools and also that most of teachers don't know who sikhs are. If children tell that they are sikhs the response is "What is that, You made this religion at home". It is high time that we all individually or in organised form should do something to include ourselves in the historty books.

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World History Text Books In Us/ Sikhs (10/01/1999)
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