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Summary of Question:marriage with non amritdhari
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Sunday, 7/11/1999 9:15 AM MDT

Waheguru ji ka khalsa

Waheguru ji ki fateh

I am actually in a problem. I am an amritdhari girl and have received a proposal from a non-amritdhari guy. Is it possibble for me to marry him?

Please do help.



It is not easy to answer your question based on the information you have provided. However, it can be safely said that it is possible for an Amritdhari to marry a non-amritdhari. You might want to look for certain qualities that may lead you to conclude that this person has the potential of taking Amrit one day and thereby create a meaningful spiritual connection with you. It is hard for people who are already married and face this dilemma (only one spouse wanting to take Amrit) and they try to work it out but it is usually painful. For single people, there are options and freedom of choice - you have to love and want someone really bad for you to take this chance.


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marriage with non amritdhari (07/11/1999)
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