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Summary of Question:Traction Alopecia
Date Posted:Wednesday, 9/16/2009 10:58 PM MDT

Sat Sri Akal,

I have for over 25 years been a Sikh. I have the Granth Sahib at my home or rather i reside in his home. I tie the turban and do not cut my beard though i am not baptised i do not consume alcohol or non-veg food. in the last 1 year i have been loosing a lot of hair thinking it was genetic i ignored it them red sores started apearing on my head n scalp skin would keep falling in chunks when i combed. again i ignored it as dandruff and bought expensive shampoos but to know avail and i regularly wash my hair. now i contacted my dermatologist and he told me either to keep bearing the pain and skin infection or cut my hair the reason being even if medically treated as soon as i start tying my jurra n turban the problem will revive and topical steroids could do me more damage(what kind i can not say) than good in the long run since i am only 25 years old. now im in a delima and that is how to tell this to my parents because they would rather see me suffer than ever allow me to cut my hair.
The doctor may be right but again he is not the only doctor. There are Ayurvedic healers with approached that are non drug oriented and very balancing. Also homeopathics and naturopathy
are healing modalities. You do have recourse to get a few more opinions before you accept this
doom and gloom prognosis. I am sure you will find another solution. SK

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Traction Alopecia (09/16/2009)
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