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Summary of Question:Re: Facial Hair
Date Posted:Friday, 6/18/1999 4:10 AM MDT
Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Vaheguri Ji Ki Fathe,

Hi, I am a little confused after your response to this question about facial hair,

>I know personally of several Khalsa women who have found it appropriate to do >so, in good faith with Guru's teachings and blessings. Personally, I have. >never heard anyone say it is not appropriate.

How can a Khalsa, be it Man or Woman, find it appropriate to go against Gods will in tampering with one of the most visual five K's. I thought Keeping Kesh, meant, "not removing any hair from your body". If it is o.k. for a female to remove facial hair, "shave", is it also ok for her to, pluck her eye blows? in order for her to feel more graceful??? And is is then also O.K for a Male to remove facial uneven hair growth to feel more confident??? I hardly think so,

I apologise for any wrong words, can you please clarify this point.

Sundeep Singh
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