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Summary of Question:Why Cant Sikhs Stick Together
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Monday, 7/29/2002 5:07 PM MDT

i just wanted to know why there are so many groups in sikhism for example : akhand keertanee, taksali , nanksari and etc. i just want to know why we cant be one


Sat Siri Akal.

Ahhh...the great mystery of life.

Well-when you look around at God's creation, harmonious diversity is the secret to environmental success. Mono-cultures - places where there is only one species of plant, for instance, are unhealthy and prone to destruction from pests and diseases. God made the creation rich with diversity because that is a sound evolutionarly strategy. Why didn't God just make one kind of rose? Or one kind of parrot? Or one kind of dog? Because it's His Creative play. Diversity is abundance, it's health, it's wealth, it's joy, it's everything. Our problem is that we want things to be the same and, in destroying diversity, we destroy our future.

So - human culture follows the same laws of nature. All religions have diverse experessions of one central thought. Look at Christianity, Buuddhism, Judiasm, Islam - there's diversity within the religion and diversity among all religions. Isn't is great? It means that there's some kind of religion for every soul to practice on the earth. It allows everyone to grow.

As Sikhs, our problem isn't these different varieties of Sikhism. Our problem is our intolerance of God's Creative play. And of all religions, we should know better. Ek Ong Kaar doesn't mean everything is the same. It means there is One Spirit behind the entire play that expresses itself in diverse ways. If you see the diversity without the unifying spirit behind it, then you're trapped in the illusion of maya. But if you can see that Oneness behind the whole thing, that's being liberated while alive.

Sikhs are already One. We just have to open our eyes and see it, that's all.

There's no right or wrong way to God. It's all His Doing.



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Why Cant Sikhs Stick Together (07/29/2002)
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