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Summary of Question:Smoking
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/27/2002 8:21 PM MDT

Is it okay to smoke weed(drugs) before you drink Amrit?


if this is you or someone else

NO IT IS NOT RIGHT!... to smoke drink, do any drugs ever ... and if you are contemplating Amrit please be careful this is not a walk in the park but rather a serious personal commitment to the spirit of the khalsa. It is more serious than a promise but rather a covenant with the Guru and the Khalsa. This commitment also extends to the fellow Amritdharis as you cannot be a bad reflection either.

From a health perspective smoking of any kind is really bad for you and so many people die every year( 400,000 in the US alone) Is that what you want to be?

The gurus rightfully taught us to steer away from such things. Please be strong and avoid all such temptations.


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Smoking (08/27/2002)
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