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Summary of Question:Why Me?
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/01/2001 1:55 AM MDT

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ka fateh!!

Hello I am a very very confused frustrated young sikh filled with so many questions! I am very confused about relgion..and my life...why is my life sooo I mean like I have family problems, money problems, scool problems, friend problems, and relgious problems. Im so mad! why does my family fight? why is there always yelling in my house? why does my dad suffer a lot? why do i suffer a lot? i try to learn paat but my pronucation is bad and I don't know punjabi and we don't go to tha gudwara taht much, I mean im tryin my hardest about Sikhism no one is helping me! no one cares! and another thing What about god? i always hear this stupid thing about ohh god is watching you, he's watching over his kids! well if god is then how come god isn't heloing me? how come I suffer and why do others suffer huh? is god real? or juss a tall tail? where's god when I need him/her huh? i think god is just a coward in the sky and lies and likes to see people go through pain. I also think sikhism is strict and too hard i keep changing relgions..i tried to b a christian but then that got complicated and buddishm. anyways all Im saying is why is this happning to me?

please help me


Greetings to you in the Name of God the life of every soul and in the Name of Guru the life of every Sikh.

What is so simple is so hard when you are looking in all the wrong places. I feel your confusion and frustration with your life and faith in your path as a Sikh.

No matter, where you go, look or what you try, the God you are looking for is within you. This God is your own creativity, your peace, your intuition, your power, your guidance. What we describe as these many qualities is the inward journey of life as a Sikh. Life is hard. And so, we have a very complete technology of life in our Guru to give us the expanded experience of ourself.

The Sikh Gurus were examples of human mastery. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is an ocean of peace and guidance to carry you across the difficulties of this life. But the tools do not work unless you use them.

There is a very special meditation in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib called" Sudarshan Chakra Kriya" that would be very good for you to do daily to give you the experience of peace and internal empowerment that you crave. It is written on page 1106 of the SGGS. A prayer written by Jai Dev..............He says, the breath is drawn in through the left nostril(close off the right nostril with the thumb) and you hold the breath in.... while you mentally recite "Waheguru" 16 you pump the naval center in and out on each 'waheguru'. Then you exhale through the right nostril(close off the left nostril with the fingers). The eyes should be focused at the tip of the nose. This is like a drunk stare with the eyes 9/10ths closed.

Continue the breathing and Wahe Guru for 11 minutes. This is a meditation for 40 days. Create a quiet meditative space in your home where you can sit without interruption to do this meditation. You should sit on the floor (carpet, or pillow) with your spine straight, shoulders and head relaxed. Start out the meditation for 11 minutes at a sitting. Work your way up to 31 minutes at a sitting. If you like this meditation you can continue daily for 90 days. You can even do 61 minutes a day. Watch the clarity and strength it brings to your life. You will be a source of inspiration and strength to all your family.

When you finish, take a hukam from the Jap Ji.....unless you have an English translation of the Siri Guru Granth sahib. You can find your Jap Ji at: http//

The translation of Jai Dev is:
"The breath is drawn in by the left nostil . It is retained in the Shushmana and is breathed out by the right nostril uttering 16 times the Lord's Name.

Breaking my power, I have become powerless. I have made my unstable mind stable and my unfashioned soul fashioned. In this way do I drink the Nectar.

Within my mind I contemplate the Primal Lord, the source of Virtue.

The appearance that You and I are separate, I have now removed. Pause.

I worship the One who is worthy of worship, I trust Him who is worthy of trust. And like water in water, I have merged in God.

Says Jaidev, I have meditated on the Triumphant, Luminous Lord and becoming absorbed in His Love, I have obtained the detached Lord.

God bless you and keep up!

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