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Summary of Question:Plz Help Shun My Agnosticism And Skepticism In Waheguru....Part 2
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/19/2009 1:37 PM MDT

sat sri akaal g !!

i appreciate ur reply and tahnks for understandin me.
but i m sorry to say i didnt understand one part of it <<You have suffered and have been in pain and now FORGIVE YOURSELF>>.. please elucidate this part for me, i l be grateful to u.

secondly i didnt get the answers to certain question (in the second paragraph of my original question ) which upset me very often , these are :

1.Is it that Waheguru doesnt love me coz of my agnosticism ??
2.In case I listen to a shabd which says k parmatma nu dheaun nal ya waheguru de gunn gaon nal sukh samriddhi mildi hai, I tend to think that why does God want people to praise him, and then only he will listen to them or give them the bounties of life?
3. When I look at people and see the suffering around I get upset why only good people suffer?
4.Karma, why one doesn’t pay for one’s bad deeds only in this present janam? somehow feel that karma is just an excuse that i ve heard since childhood for those questions which my elders do not have an answer for.
5.Why do we have to praise and ask for things/desires if god knows what is goin on within out minds and also if he knows what is best for us?
6.why we are asked to pray/ do paath and why does my family think that if i m not regular with paath, then i m writin an ill-fate for myself, it is next to doin a sin, and if i say i dont feel like doing paath, why do they say that it symbolizes somethin very negative upcoming !!! does that make sense?

i hope my questions would not annoy u, i m really struggling to find these answers, so taht i could find peace of mind.
sorry for botherin u guys
Please in the future write your words in proper English. Your words are very difficult to understand.

Praising God is your opportunity to recite, to Jaap....the only command in SGGS is to Jaap! By reciting the words with focus and concentration you actually replace the gibberish of your mind, the doubt, the confusion, duality and stupidity....with elevated awareness. This is a gift to you. You either do it and get the result....or you question it and remain in duality.


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Plz Help Shun My Agnosticism And Skepticism In Waheguru....Part 2 (03/19/2009)
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