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Summary of Question:Side Effects Of Praying For Someone Else
Date Posted:Thursday, 1/07/2010 11:40 PM MST

I have been praying for my husband as he is going thru a rather difficult time in his life. I have noticed that whenever I pray for him, my skin turns a few shades darker. Is there some reason for this? When I stop praying, my skin returns to its lighter, more clear shade. Am I getting a "side effect"? Is this even possible or am I doing something wrong? I do a Japji Sahib path for him.

It's not just me who noticed this. My kids and other friends have mentioned to me how I look dark at times so it's not my imagination. I think it has to do with energy maybe?

Thanks much!


Sat Nam,
Of course there is no medical explanation for it and none of us here are real mystics to know the real subtlety of what is going on but it is good that you noticed something unusual happening.
It is obviously a proof that your prayer works on some level, but it seems to me that it maybe working by you taking on things you should not. This is just a guess but perhaps what ever your husband is going through he should be dealing with himself. If you take it on he will not learn his lesson.
In this case you may want to do all the prayers for yourself only to make sure that you are clearing the energy that is sticking to you at the moment. Also try doing Sopurkhs for him. They are proven to work for elevation of men, to help them find their own consciousness to deal with their problems. If your problem persists then stop doing everything for him all together. Even in a marriage we still have our individual lessons and karmas to deal with and take responsibility for.
I hope this helps.


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Side Effects Of Praying For Someone Else (01/07/2010)
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