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Summary of Question:Taking Amrit While Married
Date Posted:Tuesday, 1/02/2001 8:34 AM MST

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I am in need of taking amrit. My wife does not want to take amrit. I was told that I can take amrit from 5 Khalsas even if my wife doesn't want to. I am trying to change her mind about it, but it is not easy. Nanaksaria's do give amrit even if wives don't take it.
I was told that a wife is a jeevan sathhi- true, but what about the panj pyaare?
they didn't ask their wives before taking Guru Ji's amrit. I am wearing all kakaars and living as if I were the Guru's daas

Please help.
moorakh daas
Greetings to you in the Name of God the light of every soul and in the Name of Guru the life of every Sikh.

With your committment and longing, please do not hesitate to take Amrit. This is your special connection with your Guru. You will both benefit from this.

As your wife is not sharing the same attitude as you, then back off and give her some space. For what ever reason, she is not ready. She will decide when she is ready. There is no problem in this.

One should never take Amrit out of pressure or coersion. Every soul knows when they are ready. All we can do is uplift, inspire and pray for those that we love, and then give them the space to make the correct choices. This is the respectful and loving attitude. We cannot control others....better to control ourself and let God and Guru take care of the rest.
God bless you.

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Taking Amrit While Married (01/02/2001)
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