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Summary of Question:Accepting Cultures
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 6/05/2009 2:18 PM MDT

Hi , I'm doing Art GCSE and the project at hand is about Self image, and after numerous ideas and limited time, I have chosen to approach the idea of culture. To be honest I dont know what the term is now , but I was born in England and am of Indian heritage, born in a Sikh family. Personally I don't agree with Sikhism or Punjabi culture in turn I am given the term 'coconut' (Brown on the outside white on the inside), I don't want to follow a religion and believe that I shouldnt embrace a Culture which hinders me from being who I want to be. So my project will be based on the 'conflict' of cultures and the things I should be embracing but dont really care for. I was wondering about other people views regarding this issue , especially teenagers as I would like to get everyone's view to help me with the project. Thanks.

I suggest you write a questionare with 3 questions and interview fellow students on their views.SK

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Accepting Cultures (06/05/2009)
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