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Summary of Question:Buddhism Desire, Pride.
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 7/06/2009 7:07 AM MDT


I have 2 question.

1.) I am a really good basketball and soccer player. I am actually the captain of my soccer team. I do not think I am superior than anyone in terms of playing sports but thoughts do arise time to time. How do I cancel these thoughts out I don't verbally say it to anybody. I keep saying to myself eg. when a decision is made to which team members get to play for a major play (and not out load, just to myself) "coach put me on, these guys suck I know I can do better than the others and help our team to a victory."

2nd question)
How does the Buddhism desire, "to get rid of all desires"
relate to Sikhism? Desire to compete, desire to win -all other desires etc... In Sikhism GGS, talks a lot about getting rid of the sexual desires (kam) but, I could be mistaken, doesn't mention a lot about the other desires?

I appreciate you answering these questions. Thank-you.
1. That is the function of the mind. You can train your mind. Basketball is competitive sport so your mind is being an enthusiastic competitor. You can laugh at that and just move on.

2. Buddhism is a meditative process to achieve a complete nuetral mind. Sikhee is a process of using Shabd to quiet the mind and still the ego and achieve a mastery of the mind to live exaulted in this human body.
The SGGS talks about many desires not just sexual. Notice the mention of the 5 evil sisters, the relations etc, When you let one in, they all come over...meaning you cannot just have one desire...kam krod lob moh....they come as a team...a negativity team.


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