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Summary of Question:I Want To Have Baby
Date Posted:Friday, 3/20/2009 2:01 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akal Ji,

I been married for 9 years yet I still dont have any kids. I did have 2miscarriages. Me and my hubby tried so many ways such as medical check-up, went for urut (massage), the result was k but still no kids yet. I feel very sad when people say things which hurt me sometimes I do cry in front of baba ji when I pray. Anyone tell me to do any prayer, i will do hoping that I can have kids. Previously i used to pray alot and do sewa but lately i give up cos feel hopeless and sad. Nothing happening for me. I cant understand why some people who do bad to others can get everything but why me waheguru ji is still havent fulfill my wishes. Is there any prayers or anything which i can do atleast waheguru ji can listen to me fast and give me kids. I make a promise in my heart that once I have kids I will bring them to sikhsim until they are under my care. Im very lonely. Nowdays i came to this situation where I dun like to mix with people, prefer to stay home, dun like to attend any function.. very depressed. Always cry. Pls help me. Tks
Dear one, please recite this shabd daily for the next year:

Sat Gur Saachay dee-aa bhayj..................Pg 396 in SGGS. Rather then seclude yourself, put all your desire and longing into this shabd and dedicate it to Wahe Guru's will. Stop worrying and feeling bad but let your bad feelings go to the Guru by reciting this and surrender the outcome to God. Also, understand the meaning of the shabd.

There is always a time and a space. Go volunteer to help the children in the "homes' or orphanage or sign up to be a "Big Sister" to a child. When you relax and let go of this anxiety great things will happen. Also, you can adopt a child too. There are many many children without parents longing for a home,

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I Want To Have Baby (03/20/2009)
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