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Summary of Question:Bowing To Guru Granth Sahib
Date Posted:Wednesday, 2/21/2001 3:21 AM MST

Everybody bows to the Guru Granth Sahib differently, is there a particular way to bow. Many people do the ardas before bowing and others ask for material things. What to we say?

Dear one, where you bow you will be blessed. The appropriate way to bow before the Guru is to place your forehead on the floor before the Guru and meditate on this action as an experience of merging with the Divine Infinite power of God that comes through the Guru. Focus on your experience...say a prayer or recite the mool mantra. Whatever you do, make a regular practice of it, so you can develop a depth of your own experience.

God bless you, SKKK

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Bowing To Guru Granth Sahib (02/21/2001)
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