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Summary of Question:Peer Pressure Of Cutting Beard
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Monday, 9/22/2008 7:12 PM MDT

Wahe guru ji da khalsa wahe guru ji di fateh

satri akahal I'm facing allot of peer pressure from my peers about cutting or trimming my beard I don't want I like it free even my friends tell me and even my best friend just because she doesn't like guys with kesh and beard
even though I'm not a pure sikh I still love my gurus and their teaching
please help me


Dear one,

Who is your true friend in life? Your friend is your meditative mind that takes you to your Guru and the wisdom and grace of the Guru/Sadh Sangat. Use your meditation to gain a deep perspective of your life and your true identity. There are so many people in this world. These people are not your friends. Or, you could look at it in another way and say, when you are stronger in your meditative practice, you will have strength to be a leader and a teacher to these people, who have value only for fashion and not for Satnam right now. (True Identity).

You could say that these people are not your friends. But until you strengthen your own self, you will always be buffeted into duality by others opinions.

God bless you,


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Peer Pressure Of Cutting Beard (09/22/2008)
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