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Summary of Question:Addicted To Naam Simran?
Date Posted:Monday, 6/21/2010 7:57 AM MDT

I am a 23 year old male who has been through a lot in the past few years. I have been depressed and have tried everything in hopes of helping. I originally turned to drugs and alcohol, although it provided a temporary relief it never solved the issue. lately, i have stopped doing drugs and have turned to meditation. doing "satnam waheguru" repeatedly puts me at peace and i feel great.

the only problem is, lately i have been doing so much naam simran. when i wake up in the morning for work, i set my alarm for 530 because i need to get to work by 7. i wake up at 530 and instead of getting ready, i lay in bed doing naam simran over and over. i have been running late to work for weeks now because i just want to wake up and do naam simran. i know you may say i can do it while i shower and get ready however the sensation i get when i close my eyes and lay/sit there and do it is paramount. what am i to do? should i stop doing it? also when i come home from work i like to sit and do naam simran. this is good as it relaxes me but i am also in school and i spend less to little time on my homework. i fear if i dont stop naam simran, i will lose my job and fail school. but if i do stop, i fear i will turn back to drugs. any advice?



Sat Nam,

The only good addictions in life are the ones to God and things that bring you closer to God like Naam Simran. What I see happening is that you are doing the right thing without applying any discipline to it. Discipline is very important regardless of what you do. Train yourself to compromise. Calculate the exact amount of minutes you can do Naam Simran and still get to work on time. Then do the same in the evening so you could have all your homework done. Get yourself a timer and never part with it.


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Addicted To Naam Simran? (06/21/2010)
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