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Summary of Question:Techniques For Tying Turbans?
Date Posted:Saturday, 8/31/2002 11:37 PM MDT

Sat Nam,

I am studying Kundalini Yoga, and my Guru recommended us to wear a Turban in order to protect our crown and help us to achieve awareness.
I have no Sikh background, and I live in a Country in which few or non Sikhs live (Mexico), I do not have unfortunately the opportunity to ask some of them how to tie a turban.
I tried to tie it like a towel after shower (I know this may sound absurd and you may be laughing hehehehehe), but I have found that while practicing the Asanas or while meditating, it is not very comfortable.
Could you please be as kind as to guide me (or give me a www link) in how should I proceed in order to tie a Turban ?
As well, I just have a piece of cloth (white cotton) cause there are no shops in where a made turban can be bought, could you tell me the sizes (length, wide, etc.) for the turban ?
I really appreciate the time and your generouse answer.

Sat nam. Dear Paulina,
As a long-time yoga teacher, I can tell you that covering your head is important when practicing yoga and/or meditation, since it indeeds protects the crown chakra. However, it is NOT required that the headcover be a TURBAN. In fact, the turban can come loose during the yoga practice and then you will be adjusting your body for the turban, or disrupting your practice to straighten it out!

Your teacher should not be telling you to tie a turban without assisting you in finding the fabric and learning how to tie it! Furthermore, being Sikh and being a Yogi are not one and the same thing. Not all Sikhs are Yogis, and not all Yogis are Sikh. So don't worry about the turban business unless and until you determine, IN YOUR HEART, that you should also adopt the Sikh faith because you feel called to it. By the way, Sikhs do not worship a human guru, we worship Shabd Guru in the form of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. You can learn more about this by searching this Sikhnet site.

Meanwhile, get yourself a good cotton headcover that you can cover your whole crown with and that stays on while you practice yoga. In the meantime, there are indeed Sikhs in Mexico who can instruct you on turban specifics. Go to, and click on the "find a Yoga Teacher" link, then click on the Teacher Directory. Enter "Mexico" and you will see teacher listings for Mexico (and for New Mexico in the USA).
God bless you!

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