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Summary of Question:How Does Wearing Your Turban Make You Feel?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/05/2008 11:24 AM MDT

You know, sometimes I just feel like Im just being pretentious when I wear my turban. I know it is a gift, and sometimes i feel that way too. But looking around, I just feel like a fake sometimes. And I've been unsuccessfully dealing with depression for longer than I can remember, and Im only 22.

Are there like some lifestyle changes a person can make, or waht. I think I just need some good friends, but I'm really akward in social situations, because out parents were really strict, and I wasnt allowed, as a girl, to have many friends, certainly not outside of school. So i'm still a loner, and this depression really gets to me. I was wondering if there is like a support group or something I can join, Im so lost here. I am located in chicago. I am close to the palatine gurdawaara, but my mom tells me im not allowed to go anywhere, not even to gurdwaras


Have you tried to talk to your Mataji about your depression and need to have other Sikh friends? This is not an unreasonable request. Try talking to her. If this doesn't work, you will have to make up your mind your self. You are surely an adult and old enough to make up your mind about things. Ask WaheGuru to give you strength to have courage and live the life you want and deserve. Happy Bisakhi!! You are the daughter of Guru Gobind Singh. He will give you courage. Blessings, JJK

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How Does Wearing Your Turban Make You Feel? (08/05/2008)
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