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Summary of Question:Why Do People Have Different Coloured Turbans
Date Posted:Friday, 12/15/2000 10:26 AM MST


the main question that i would like to ask is why do we have different coloured turbans and Castes when the Gurujis specifically said that we should all be one caste and no one is higher then anyone. Also in my class there is a Sikh who wheres Bright Blue Turban and around his waist he ties Bright Blue cloth, why is that i do not wish to ask him as that may be rude. Because i have never seen people like that before, and he ties his Turban very differently could you please tell me why.

Thanks A lot
The different colored turbans are simply a fashion.
Sometimes people use the colors to aid them in for example: white and orange are for meditation, the Akali's wore blue to show their solidarity during their struggles in the early 1900's, and Nihungs who are Guru Gobind Singh's army will wear blue and a "damala" style turban to show their readiness for defense and death.

I do not know how this boy in your class ties his turban, but I do not think it would be rude to ask him the significance of his style of turban and cummerbund.

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Why Do People Have Different Coloured Turbans (12/15/2000)
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