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Summary of Question:Can A Sikh Woman Also Wear A Hijab?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 7/20/2004 1:06 PM MDT

Sat Sri Akal,

Recently I spent six weeks in London in which I made several Muslim friends and was inspired by their active choice to cover their heads with a Hijab.

I am a practising American-Sikh (Non-Desi, Native American)and I pleased with how connected to God and my own dignity I am when wearing a Muslim-style Hijab. Would it be ok as a Sikh to do this full-time? Two of my close Muslim friends have differing opinions. One believes that it is the right of every woman to have the protection that the Hijab offers another says that I would just be confusing people/only following one of the dictates from the Q'uran.

Would it be confusing for myself and others? Furthermore, would it be wrong?

Thank you and God Bless***

Sat Nam. How you choose to cover your head is up to you. It is not wrong in any strict sense of Sikhi to wear a hijab. But the standard head cover for an observant Sikh is the turban. While many Sikh women beg to differ, and say the chuni is enough, Sikhs are indeed, known by their turbans. Our visible identity is a key part of being a Sikh. So, why would you prefer to look like a Muslim (no offense meant here to anyone, please!). It's a kind of consciousness I am refering to here, where the inner aspect of belonging to Guru is matched by the outer aspect of your visible identity, and how you conduct yourself.

I agree with your friends that wearing the hijab is thus confusing to others. If you are a Sikh, what is the problem with looking like a Sikh? (No offense meant to Muslim women and their hijab!) Any head cover on a woman is a form of protection; in this the hijab is indeed no different. Many Sikh women regard the turban as a crown; when we wrap it 'round our heads daily, we remind ourselves that we are not for sale, and cannot be bought. Also, to wear a turban, one wears one's hair on one's crown chakra. This has the literal effect of raising one's consciousness to the crown chakra. So there is a science behind the turban as well. Guru ang sang,

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Can A Sikh Woman Also Wear A Hijab? (07/20/2004)
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