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Summary of Question:Re: Yoga and Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 7/14/2000 12:03 AM MDT
I am 17/m/sacramento.
I am interest in sikhism and i read gurbani. I am just curious: is yoga essential for a sikh? does Guru sahib preach us to use yoga.
Guruji does tell us to practice some forms of yoga, but does not necessarily use the word yoga. Jap, the command Guru Nanak gives in Jap-ji sahib is a form of Yoga. Mantra Yoga is repeating mantra, like mul mantra. Naad Yoga is the science of the sound current. The entire entire SGGS is in Naad.
A lot of this is semantice. Sikhism is based in yogic technology whether you want to call it that or not.
The main thing for you is to *Practice* the Sikh path, not just talk about it intellectually. Do "Jap", repeat the names of God constantly, your mind will automatically become more saintly.

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