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Summary of Question:Re: Yoga and Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 5/17/2000 9:16 AM MDT
I am curious about your views on yoga in the sense that, as "Indian" children of Sikhism, we were always taught that there is no one position to pray in, or there are no positions that are better than others to pray in. I also am interested in yoga, but I cannot believe (so far) that Yoga makes it easier for me to connect with Waheguru. I appreciate the fact, and am thankful, that Yoga brought many good, honest people to Sikhism, but I hope there aren't misconceptions about the "powers" of Yoga. Yes, there are definitely health benefits, but are they not the same as any form of exercise? Running, Tai Chi, biking... Is yoga any better than these? They all make you strong, focused, agile, disciplined. Sorry for the long response, I thank you for the web sit and your time.

Yoga, like Sikhism, must be practiced to be experienced. I can't *convince* you of the benefits of yoga, it's not an intellectual exercise. It's not a matter of believing either, but doing.
Other forms of exercise are good, but Yoga has many benefits that others do not. Specifically, is the only way to control and stimulate your glandular system. The glandular system regulates everything else, including the brain and hormones. Those are essential for mental stability, which you need to maintain yourself on a spriritual path.
Yoga is not a religion. It is practiced by people of all faiths, and no faith. It's purpose is not to give more dogma about what position is good to pray. It is a system to give balance and health so you may be a better practitioner of your religion, whatever it may be.
One note; There is a position that we are told to pray in. It is Vir Asan, sitting on the left heel with the right knee up to receive Amrit.

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