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Summary of Question:Re: Confused
Date Posted:Monday, 5/03/1999 10:09 AM MDT
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

This is Sukhdeep Singh from Dubai, U.A.E. Let me tell you a small story. As this is a muslim country we have only 4 gurdwaras all over U.A.E. The head granthi of a gurdwara in Al Qouz Dubai was a sikh without hair. One day he was sitting with a muslim (local arabic) friend who knew little bit of hindi and was aware of some basic values of sikhs. He told him "YOU ARE A KAFIR" Kafir is an arbic word which means a person who cannot be trusted. He asked why you are telling me like this. The answer was "you have betrayed your guru".

My view point is when guru Nanak started making sikhs The first condition was not to cut hair. I donot agree with some versions that Guru Gobind Singh Ji instructed sikhs not to cut hair. It was guru Nanak who ordered the sikhs. Gurbani Says "SABAT SURAT RAB DI BHANE BE-IMAN" Secondly Appearance matters. A policeman without dress cannot be called as policeman. Although he may Identity card in his pocket. But a person whose dress is like a policeman even if he donot have identity card people will call him policeman. Dear Chahal Guru Nanak started Amrit by giving "CHARAN PAHUL" As till 10th Guru it was body of guru not gurbani is guru so amrit is of "GURBANI" only the shape has been changed by uru Gobind Singh Ji. Amrit is same as started by Guru Nanak.

My god give you strenght to decide about your appearance because now if you go on the wrong way ......... trouble whole like..... .

Sukhdeep Singh

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