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Gurbani Tapes & CD's. A Full service web site with Sikh music tapes, CDs,books and videos. Traditional and comtemporary Gurbani Kirtan and Simran(meditation) music and mantras. The Bani's recited on CD. Sundar Gutkas with all the Bani's in Gurmukhi, English Translation and English Transliteration. Videos, tapes, CDs and Books explaining about Sikhism. Khalsa Children's Stories and insirational songs on tape. We also carry Yoga manuals, videos and Music. Secured Check-out.


Ancient Healing Ways.
We at Ancient Healing Ways are dedicated to bringing you the art and science of Kundalini Yoga and products for natural healing. We offer you the resources to care for your body, mind and spirit through herbal teas, healthy foods, body care products, books, music, DVD's, Yogi Bhajan's Lectures and more. Try our products and rediscover the ancient natural methods for good health that can bring a healthy balance to your life. Please take your time shopping and browsing through our store and enjoy all the information in our website.


Aquarian Times Magazine.
We live on the threshold of Aquarian Times...

As a world community, we long to embrace spiritual values and live them in all areas of our lives—personal, political, business and social. We feel the changes in our consciousness and the yearning to have a real connection with our soul. Born from the wisdom of Guru Nanak and the technology of the Shabd Guru, Aquarian Times is a quarterly magazine based on the technology of consciousness and human awareness. It is filled with the wisdom of people from many spiritual paths. Come and delight in their inspiring thoughts, views and experiences. Aquarian Times is a magazine of blessing dedicated to the hope that all people everywhere,regardless of background or culture, can and will live in excellence and ecstacy as brothers and sisters in the One Spirit.

Sikh Books & Publications by The Sikh Foundation
Offering a variety of quality publications, including various Sikh Books on different topics, Sikh Posters, Sikh Calendars, Greeting Cards, Periodicals and Children's Books. Defintitely take the time to check them out and see the samples. You can also read about the Sikh Foundation and what they do.


We feature many albums of mantras from Gurbani, professionally produced with beautiful instrumentation, on CD and cassette. Some albums include English translations. Among the series are Healing Sounds of the Ancients, Musical Affirmations, and the ever-popular Crimson Collection. Artists include Singh Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur, Liv & Let Liv, Gyani Harbhajan Singh, G.S. Sachdev, Zakir Hussain, Vikram Singh and Dev Suroop Kaur. We also offer full services for producing, recording and manufacturing of spiritual music.


CyberGiani: Read and write Punjabi! A Windows based state-of-the-art multimedia computer program to learn to Read, Speak and Write the Punjabi language. One of Kind!


Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, for everyone. From alaskan yogi, Nirvair Singh Khalsa.
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