April 19, 2024


The Sikh Tradition by Guru Kirn Kaur Khalsa - Stories of Faithful Traditions.
This is a collection of 12 short Sikh stories for children. Each story comes with a picture that illustrates the story and is meant to be printed out and colored. Bring your children here, and pick a story from the below list. You can then read along and help explain any questions that they may have. They can then have fun coloring the picture!


The Sikh Youth Forum. This Question & Answer forum was created to support the Sikh Youth in the many challenges and pressures that they face in this new "westernized" society. It's purpose is to help answer questions and let people share their experiences and hardships with others. This forum is totally anonymous so no names or e-mail addresses are ever displayed. The forum is moderated so after posting a question or response it will only be shown publicly after the content of the post has been approved. The moderators are from a broad background and from varying ages, so you are sure to get varied answers and viewpoints. So if you are young person wanting to learn and participate, come on in to the Sikhnet Youth Forum


Sikh Sakhis. This is a collection of short Sikh stories for children based on the lives of the 10 Gurus. Each story comes with a picture that illustrates the story.

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