August 17, 2022


Each day we scan the news wire services (Reuters, AP, UPI, etc.) for stories of interest to Sikhs and practitioners of the technology of the Sikh Dharma lifestyle worldwide. These stories are gathered together here and updated daily.


Discussion Forum
The discussion area of Sikhnet is designed as an open forum for constructive and inspiring discussion. It is a moderated discussion area dealing with topics on every aspect of life, health and Sikhism. You need to Register before you can submit any posts, but feel free to browse if you are just "passing through."


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You can now receive a free permanent e-mail account at an address like "" or "". The software is fully featured and very similar to other free e-mail services like "yahoo" mail "hotmail" (except with a cooler domain name! ). So Sign up for a new e-mail account while the good names are still available.


This area of SikhNet has been created in response to requests from several members of the CyberSangat who are looking for marriage partners and want to do so in the spiritual context of our faith. Our hope is that those seeking partners will be able to begin email correspondence and get to know each other in a safe way, with dignity and grace. For those of you who are in search of a marriage partner, help is here!

Art Gallery
This is a place for you to display your creativity to the rest of the world. If you are an artist you can add your creation to this section. You don't have to be an artist to use the gallery! It is also a place to view and download sikh related art.


Prosperity Paths
A newsletter sharing inspirational and useful lectures, articles, and meditations about prosperity and Sikh events around the world. It is distributed every other month and mailed out to those who are interested, but has also recently has been added to the Web.


Live Chat
Check out the all new Sikhnet Chat! Now with a new look and much faster! Chat with people from around the world live. This is the place to talk, learn and relate about Sikhism to people from all over the world. Also participate in regular moderated chat discussions from time to time. Setup your keyboard wrist supports and get ready for many long hours of chatting! (Requires a web browser that supports "Java").

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