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GurSikh Speed Meeting has it's 2nd Success

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    GurSikh Speed Meeting, brought to you by, marks off another success. GurSikh Speed Meeting is intended to help single Sikhs find their match, the proverbial "CLICK". The idea for this project came from the ever popular '8 minute dating' which has spread throughout the major cities of the world. GurSikh Speed Meeting is focused on formalising a meeting process for like-minded individuals i.e. Gursikhs for possible marriage purposes.

    The concept of GurSikh Speed Meeting is simple. An equal number of Sardars and Sardarnis register. On the event date, each Sardar will meet a Sardarni and chat for a specified number of minutes rotating till they have met all the Singhnis. This face to face style of meeting has spurred much interest, in addition to, respecting the participant's privacy. Only if there is an agreed "CLICK" will an exchange of contact information occur. until this event, most Sikhs in search of their soulmate relied on family connections, matrimonial ads and the internet to find their match. GurSikh Speed meeting has made it much easier to find and meet people of similar interests, that may or may not be from one's locality, to determine quickly if there is a "CLICK".

    The 2nd GurSikh Speed Meeting event conducted in NYC on July 21st was extremely successful. The organizer has received over 400 emails to date from individuals from various age groups and different countries showing interest and support. "The energy, feedback, patronage, optimism, etc. that was shown prior to, following and at both events has been consistent and incredible!", quotes the founder and organizer of these meets, who prefers to remain anonymous. Participants attended from Australia, Toronto, California, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, Virginia, as well as New York and New Jersey.

    Due to popular demand, GurSikh Speed Meeting is taking the show on the road with the first stop in Canada and then the West Coast. In addition, the age range will be narrowed and several different groups will be offered the opportunity to meet in future events beginning in San Francisco, California.

    See schedule below.
    Toronto – Saturday, September 2nd
    San Francisco - November 18th or 19th pending venue availability
    Chicago - 2007
    London - 2007

    Comments from participants:

    “The Speed Meeting I attended was a wonderful experience. The arrangement, reception and warmth shown will remain with us as an unforgettable memory. I bow towards you with respect for this extreme effort.”

    “Thank you for the awesome event and putting so much time for the community. This event is a great way to meet many people in the same night. Good Job!”

    “I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the efforts that you made to arrange this meet. I am sure that all the people who attended appreciate your hard work. Thank you very much and I hope that all the Speed Meeting events you plan go well and turn out as successful as this on.”

    “This was an incredibly well-run event. Thanks for organizing such an excellent opportunity! Keep it up!”

    “Thanks for the seva – it’s much appreciated”!

    “I am so impressed! Thank you for all your hard work – this was a very successful event. I am going to tell all my friends and family about it.”

    “I think the event was well organized, and with Vaheguru's grace, the event went very well. Thanks a million.”

    “It was really fun, you did a great effort, please organize it again. As you stated repeatedly, marriage should not be the sole motive as I made some great friends tonight.”

    “Great opportunity, so glad to meet fellow Gursikhs. Hope we can do it again.”

    “Overall, a very nice event that should continue. Thanks for all the hard work.”

    “Fantastic idea! Actually, it is a great idea, but it was also great in practice. You did a phenomenal job tonight and the seva you are providing is priceless.”

    “I had fun…met great guys. Thanks for conducting this and hope you will organize more meetings.”

    “Job very well done! I would definitely come again. Thank you.”

    “Excellent! Many of us talked about doing something like this as it is so needed in our community, so thank you so much for coordinating. It’s been a great experience. Please continue this seva and I will continue coming till I find her!”

    To request further information and/or register, please send an email to and specify the location of interest.

    Thank you and Guru Fateh!!

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