SSS Ji's Farewell Message - Sunday, October 3rd 2004 Gurdwara - three days before he left his body.

“Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh . God and soul are permanent. Everlasting. We are bound to go. Definitely we come and go. One day you will be at that stage. The body will become a permanent soul.

We must know that the way we must go, that’s the way we should go. Let us understand we are the infinite ray of God. We should be as God is. That’s the way we can connect to God. We can connect ourselves with each breath of life. With every breath we can become cleaner and cleaner. It is the rule of God’s kingdom to cleanse ourselves, and then our ray can shine.

Our lives will be happier then. That’s how it can be. Our rhythm of life, each atom, can vibrate in that truth. That will give us truth forever. Then when we are real, we can create. In this realm we can make ourselves whatever we want to be.

Life is to live for each other. It is to live for each other.

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh.”

- Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi ji (Gurdwara on Sunday, October 3rd 2004)

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