Sukhaasan means "easy pose" or posture of rest, peace and tranquility. At night after Rehiras, the Guru is put to rest in a special room or place, but before being moved, the Guru is put into Sukhaasan. In essence, it is the reverse of the Prakaash ceremony. Sukhaasan takes place after the sun goes down, or at any time before the Guru is moved, such as at the completion of Gurdwara ceremony when the Guru is to be moved.
The following is a full Sukhaasan ceremony:
  1. A hukam is taken.
  2. The Guru Granthi recites Kirtan Sohila while he or she closes the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, removing the side ramalas. (If one does not know Kirtan Sohila by heart, it can be read from the Nitnem Gudka by someone else). If Sukhaasan is performed during the day, Baynti Chaupai is traditionally chanted. However, any Gurbani or chanting may be performed.)
  3. The Guru is covered with one or both side ramalas, and is placed upon the head of the Granthi (which has been covered with another ramala or clean towel).
  4. The white cotton ramalas used to wrap the Guru are unfolded upon the Palki in preparation for wrapping the Guru. (Cotton is used because it is not slippery, and holds well as a wrap. A suitable silk could also be used.)
  5. The Guru is lowered onto the the ramalas on the Palki Sahib.
  6. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib is neatly wrapped, one ramala at a time.
  7. Ardas is recited. This may be a short, abbreviated Ardas.
  8. The Granthi places the Guru on his or her head, stands and walks to the location where the Guru will spend the night. Ideally, another Sikh preceeds the Guru with sword drawn, and another Sikh follows, waving the Chauri Sahib over the Guru. Everyone sings any Gurbani or mantra, such as Kal Akal Siri Akal, or Sat Nam Wahe Guru, or Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  9. All say Wahe Guru Jji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!
  10. A short Ardas may be recited at the Guru’s resting place. "Bolee so Nihaal . . . Sat Siree Akaal!" is proclaimed, so that all nearby may know that the Guru is now safely at rest.

Sukhaasan When Guru is to Remain on the Palki Sahib
If the Guru is to remain on the Palki Sahib in Sukhaasan, proceed with steps 1 through 7, above. Before the hukam, one may either recite an Ardas, do kirtan, recite a Shabad, or chant for a few moments, sitting behind the Guru. This would be especially appropriate if there were no kirtan darbar or Gurdwara ceremony preceeding sukhaasan.

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