You can watch the online video of the Memorial service which happened in Espanola, NM. on October 23rd 2004. Also there is a section from the Cremation ceremony held earlier in the month.
You are the Lighthouse Yogi Bhajan Tribute - 16 minutes
(This is an edited version of the original video which includes many new photos of the family at the end. This video was shown at the memorial service in Espanola)
Memorial Program Video - 5 Hours
(Broadband - 225 Kbps)
Memorial Program Video - 5 Hours
(Dialup Modem - 20-32 Kbps)
Governor Bill Richardson (New Mexico) - Speech at Yogi Bhajan's memorial program.
Cremation Ceremony Video- 8 Minutes

Here are some inspiring videos about the life of Yogi Bhajan and Sikh Dharma/3HO. They were produced as a year end presentation and fund-raiser for Sikh Dharma Dasvandh.

You Are The Lighthouse (2003)

Living the Legacy (2002)

I am, I am (2001)

Mile after Mile (2000)

New Path to a Great Future (1996)

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You can
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